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The Zoo - The Zoo Award winner

The Zoo
The Zoo
by Mike "Bitchin" Bourgeois at 10 September 2019, 10:30 PM

When I was a starving musician, I took any gig I could, from setting up lights to even playing one weekend in a country band. One I had a blast with was recording a demo of original songs with an AC/DC tribute band then playing with them for a couple of months. The problem they faced though was after years of playing the music of the Young family, their own originals sounded almost like they were cloned. This is a trap many tribute bands fall into, and THE ZOO aren't the exception I was hoping for.

Don't get me wrong, THE SCORPIONS are big because they were extremely talented songwriters and musicians, whose breadth of musical knowledge is vast, and from "Rock Chains" brilliant opening, it's obvious THE ZOO has learned many things from the German powerhouse. The sound coming out of Luke and Giovannis amps are metal honey, tight and complex, the perfect backdrop for Roby's high end vocals that seem to have to top to his range. A great opener for the Italian quintet.

I love the title "Seven Sins a Week", and it also allowed me to observe the syncopation that has developed between bassist Efrem and drummer Lorenzao, with the former translating the complex patterns into something the guitars can run with. (being a bassist myself I'm told I might overplay the role sometimes, but if anything I simplify it too much) Again, nicely put together and very enjoyable.

"This Space Within" is their showcase of talent, with everybody filling their roles they chose beautifully. A slower tune, it highlights not only the passion they have for their music, but how great they can put together vocal harmonies, not an easy thing to do.

In the end THE ZOO has put together a great EP, and if you're a fan of THE SCORPIONS, or any European metal from that era, you will thoroughly enjoy this set of three. I know I did.

Songwriting:                9
Originality:                  7
Memorability:             9
Production:                  9

4 Star Rating

1. Rock Chain
2. Seven Sins a Week
3. This Space Within
Roby – Vocals
Luke – Guitars
Efrem – Bass
Giovanni - Guitar
Lorenzo – Drums
Record Label: Independent


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