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Till Die - Ruthless

Till Die
by Neil Cook at 19 August 2020, 11:28 AM

TILL DIE Have, in one form or another been around since 1998.  Theirs is not necessarily a smooth, seamless journey to today, with an early name change, a number of changes of personnel over the years.  However this Italian, Thrash-Groove Metal band have just released their first album “Ruthless”. Which is also the title of the first “track” on the album.  Well track is a little generous, the short song is little more than in instrumental intro.  It is however quite good.

And for me this is the problem.  Musically TILL DIE are more than good, they Thrash and the have groove in spades, and all the songs musically hit the spot.  However I am simply not a fan of FABIO’S vocals.  And the problem I must say is mine, not his.  I simply am a not a fan of the “screamer” style, and for me it would mean I personally wouldn’t listen to them normally.

As I mentioned previously, musically there isn’t a bad track on here, and the production is very good.  They have a great engine room, bass and drums drive the tempo excellently, and the guitars are, where needed, as heavy as heck, and in other places are hooky, wailing and, well groovy.  BUT I cannot get past the vocals.

This said there are a couple of tracks, I would give a second listen to.  “The Price To Live” and last track “St Paul” were very good, and I didn’t mind the vocals.

Unfortunately TILL DIE are not too my taste.  I can see them going down well with the right audience, I think my son would probably like them, and I definitely wish them well, and didn’t hate them, just not for me, because of that one distinctive element.

Songwriting: 5
Originality: 6
Memorability: 5
Production: 6

3 Star Rating

1. Ruthless
2. Before I Die
3. Anger Of Angels
4. Lack Of Sleep
5. The Price To Live
6. Lord Of The Worms
7. The Grey Man
8. Falling
9. St Paul
Fabio “Spado” Cortesi – Vocals, Bass
Antonio Raggi – Guitar
Eric Castglia  – Guitar
Filippo Raggi  – Drums
Record Label: Independent


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