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While She Sleeps - Sleeps Society Award winner

While She Sleeps
Sleeps Society
by Andrew Harvey at 14 July 2021, 4:43 PM

WHILE SHE SLEEPS are a quintet from Sheffield, England(UK) who are a metalcore band who “have made a career of confounding expectations, beit through a blend of crushing metal, guttural hardcore and arena-worthy hooks”. Their past discography stretches over 10 years with four previous albums to their fifth release SLEEPS SOCIETY.

Their first two albums titled THIS IS THE SIX and BRAINWASHED were released through SONY but their third album YOU ARE WE was released independently. A fourth album called SO WHAT? was released before their fifth album SLEEPS SOCIETY which also features a guest appearance by DERYCK WHIBLEY(SUM 41) and SIMON NEIL (BIFFY CLYRO).

The first track so titled “Enlightenment(?)” opens the album with synthetic horn sounds together with spoken word. In addition, the opening track also goes on to a full unison of crashing hardcore noise of all instruments. The contribution of each element pushing vocals to the fore dominating with clarity & authority. “You Are All You Need” seems to stand out more for it’s soundscape with a filtered musical passage. The precision, especially the time changes are spot on and clinical.

“Systematic” appears to have more of a focus on sound effects like scratching of decks and the lyrical content seems to resemble a theme of rebellion. Plus the intro starts out with a spoken word section that sounds as if it was a child who said it. “Nervous” starts with soft tones of piano echoing before an implosion of all other instruments. The vocals are absolutely superb as SIMON NEIL provides vocal support. “PYAI” which is the shortest track on the album is mostly a montage of spoken word once more and sound effects. This could be seen as the intermission of the album. “Know Your Worth” entails more expression and dynamics with similar musical characteristics from previous tracks. There is an emphasis on the lower end of the audio spectrum, also more sustained drums & bass.

“No Defeat For The Brave '' features another guest appearance this time by DERYCK WHIBLEY. This song carries on that sound of metalcore with an astounding vocal contribution for DERYCK, certainly a favorite of mine. It was a surprise and an absolute honour to hear DREYCK’s voice in this song and I loved this track. “Division Street” has a more settled and acoustic feel with vocals accompanied by piano. “Sleeps Society” brings back more energy and racing rhythm with guitar and drums leading. The vocals are prominent as always and sound effects also play their part.

“Call Of The Void” combines piano, soundscape and lead vocals for the intro then the guitar joins for a short phrase so that guitar reverberates. The drums are also setting the tempo and the guitar plays higher pitched notes. Finally we come to the last track “DN3 3HT” which is a piano motif in a loop with rough recordings, perhaps distorted. These recordings sound like each band member is speaking about their experiences on the road with the other guys lasting approximately 7 minutes.

Overall I have no doubt that this is the very best sound that this band has produced. In comparison to their previous albums which focus on heavier guitar parts and vocals. There is no stopping this band from Sheffield and this album is simply brilliant, an absolute masterpiece too.

Songwriting: 10
Musicianship: 10
Memorability: 10
Production: 10

5 Star Rating

1. Enlightenment(?)
2. You Are All I Need
3. Systematic
4. Nervous (feat. Simon Neil)
6. Know Your Worth (Somebody)
7. No Defeat For The Brave (feat. Deryck Whibley)
8. Division Street
9. Sleeps Society
10. Call Of The Void
11. DN3 3HT
Lawrence Taylor - Vocals
Sean Long - Guitar
Mat Welsh - Guitar
Aaran McKenzie - Bass
Adam Savage - Drums
Record Label: Spinefarm Records


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Edited 01 August 2021

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