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World Of Damage - Invoke Determination Award winner

World Of Damage
Invoke Determination
by Craig Rider at 15 July 2021, 12:42 PM

Metal maniacs, rejoice! I am proud to present to you: WORLD OF DAMAGE; signed via WOD Records, hailing from Norwegian grounds - performing Hard Rock/Metal, on the solo project and debut album entitled: "Invoke Determination" (released June 11th, 2021).

Since formation in 2016; the solo artist and project in question has a debut album entitled: "Invoke Determination" Kjell Åge Karlsen's alias: Mr. Damage is crowned for him after being involved in a car crash with his father who managed to be in a collision THREE times in 1 day. Accurately apt for a nickname, while famed for his contribution to the band: CHROME DIVISION - the main man himself has unleashed this new Doomsday Rock 'N' Roll/Metal revolution under the new band entitled: WORLD OF DAMAGE. Consisting of a diverse yet varied lineup of who he envisioned would be perfect for the role, the 12 track record ranges at around an hour long, the band perform an intricately designed formula on some heavy-hitting Hard Rock/Metal developments.

Opening up with a blistering barrage frenzy on some rip-roaring maelstrom momentum "Ii Will Not Conform" revels with this sonically seamless manifestation on trailblazing rivets while a bulldozing fabrications elements rampantly rompy grooves while potently robust rhythms skyrocket with razor-sharp solidity, surging with sulfurous piledrives & euphonic èclat while these rough vocal performances from guest Maurice Adams & Shagrath (DIMMU BORGIR, CHROME DIVISION, KAMELOT, OV HELL etc) articulate a distinctive yell on mellifluous singing stability while a hint of raspy throatiness that soars with organic substance & vibrant panache. Mr. Damage a.k.a. Kjell Åge Karlsen consists in a belting calamity on rapidly swift nimbleness, while injecting an infectiously audible bass thump that slays with dynamically dexterous finesse while zestful tonality showcases quintessential virtuosity & sturdy thuds of melodic reverb that lacerates with killer grinds which intensifies with an immersive hybrid in experimentation to boot.

The titular track distils at a flamboyant complexity in concretely gritty heft while this strong strike pursuits with steamrolling rifts while punchy tightness, jumpy bounciness and a boisterously catchy conundrum in bruising harmonies that synergizes sophisticated songwriting musicianship while volatile variety on meticulous singing prowess from SOILWORK front man Björn «Speed» Strid (this guy is one of the most hardest working metal musicians out there with no doubt in my mind). Amongst a radically wicked stomp of rambunctious drum hammerings from steely pummeler Aki Viitala, who smacks the set with persistent clobbering ability in galloping grips and frolicking diligence.

"The Petrol & The Blood" is another hardened banger, starting off with an acoustic strum until more thrilling chugs fabricate a chunky crescendo and a distinguished aesthetic in crunchy craftsmanship mobility where tempos skyrocket with motoring but feverish attacks in tenacious weight while featuring Bernt Fjellestad (most known for his work with GUARDIANS OF TIME) who marvels with professional vocals that yells with robust impact and high-pitched grovels at times while screaming with systematic roars that outburst with veracious verve where these prodigiously salubrious chords contrast with well above an empowering enthusiasm for crazy but towering motoring that tramples you for good measure. While "Fire Burns My Name" includes the Speed man once again, arming a brimming dose on some exhilarating ferocities and burning chisels chop with rollicking grandeur fluidly, while progressively technical fretwork expertise unleash tempestuous jolts vehemently which provide unique versatility proactively for maximum energy.

"Until The End Of Days" supplies this somewhat ballad approach while venomous slabs of synthetic heaviness in which revolves around a symphonic utilization on rawly rough instrumentation fused within. This singing flair from another guest vocalist Chris Clancy of MUTINY WITHIN portrays a frenetic but apt foundation in enriching bellows that bark with a borderline intrigue on rough but enticing singing revolution that unravels with potentially talented performances all round. "Breathe (Little Angel) conjures up more tuneful yet silvery & sweet toned sublimities with this orchestral presence where Roy Khan (KAMELOT & CONCEPTION), showcases a flexible fundamental in musical strengths while still merging powerful channelings exceptionally well while unearthing this strifing medieval vibe which materializes this majestic play to it.

"Insanity" features another vocal rendition from Pål «Athera» Mathiesen formerly known from his work in SUSPERIA & MINAS. Fabricating a composure of tough yet sometimes rugged pipes while this diverse array on marvellous magnitudes of salubrious variety on vigorously prodigious, but beefy instrumental equalities that will rock your soul stridently. “Cancel” includes another representative vortex on traditional aesthetics interspersed with remedious physique while Bernt comes back into play with his courageous bellows, electrifying boundaries and groundbreaking archetype where monumental transparency on rigorous cadence invigorates you with vivacious buoyancy.

Unleash The Rage” dominates a fretful structure on piercing madness struck with rampaging & stampeding streaks of mandatory machinations on rolling outrage while this sporadic forge evolves with more effective kicks, while Thebon harshly exhales a bleeding boundary on primitively raw shoutiness who yells with grovelling gutturals and growly effects. "Black Moon" is an acoustic instrumental symphony; shrouding over you with an elegant reprieve which resonates with rapturous yet otherworldly serenity, while the penultimate track "Spoke In The Wheel" brings back amplified adrenaline full force while this other spellbinding execution from CHROME DIVISION's Eddie Guz incorporates a fierce spectrum on uniquely lofty throatiness while mighty ramifications clench fists and rattle skulls that will exceed efficaciously for a bloody good time.

Overall concluding "Invoke Determination" with the finale epic of the 1st song "I Will Not Conform" which now culminates Derek Sherinian's constructive amount of talent in keyboardist artistry; I am compelled to say that WORLD OF DAMAGE examines an enjoyably entertaining distribution on rocking variety, tasteful zeal and excelling ingenuity on original musical density in which most surely deserves a good handful of spins, worthy of replaying & a discovery worth noting - do check it out.

Songwriting: 9
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 9
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. I Will Not Conform (feat. Maurice Adams & Shagrath)
2. Invoke Determination (feat. Björn «Speed» Strid)
3. The Petrol & The Blood (feat. Bernt Fjellestad)
4. Fire Burns My Name (feat. Björn "Speed" Strid)
5. Until The End Of Days (feat. Chris Clancy)
6. Breathe (Little Angel) (feat. Roy Khan)
7. Insanity (feat. Pål «Athera» Mathiesen)
8. Cancel (feat. Bernt Fjellestad)
9. Unleash The Rage (feat. Thebon)
10. Black Moon (Instrumental)
11. Spoke In The Wheel (feat. Eddie Guz)
12. I Will Not Conform – BONUS (feat. Maurice Adams, Shagrath & Derek Sherinian)
Kjell Åge Karlsen - a.k.a. Mr. Damage - All Guitars and Bass
Aki Viitala - Drums
Record Label: WOD Records


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