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Zaiph - Zaiph

by Jacob Dawson at 05 October 2014, 8:21 PM

If there's one band that’s proved you don't need to understand what they're saying to enjoy what they do, it's RAMMSTEIN. The German juggernaut of Metal has gained a global following, despite the majority of it not being able to even sing along or know what the heck they're so angry about. The main boxes that need ticking for many music fans are simply, "is it heavy?" or "can I bang my head to it?" The answer to both these questions in the case of Argentinian band ZAICH's eponymous album, is "yes".

However, that's not to say it's flawless. Their approach of mixing Thrash with Electronica is successful for the most part, usually when it's allowed to be subtle, as is the case in the track "El Antidoto". Unfortunately, there are also times when this detracts from a perfectly good guitar riff that's forced into the background as a result. This is especially prevalent in "Esplendor Electrico", which comes across as the odd one out of the album, wedged between the wonderfully melodic "Psyclocibiniza" and the ferocious raw power in "Flashback".

Now, to address the elephant in the room, it does have to be stated that this reviewer does not speak a word of Spanish and as a result, cannot critique the lyrics in any meaningful way. That said, there are a few moments in the album where some English comes through, as in the standout track "Dance Elf Dance". The words "close my eyes, surrender" are sung in a refreshing melody which directly oppose "Ecce Homo" and "El Antidoto", which, while both carrying good hooks and enjoyable riffs, become slightly monotonous on the vocal side of things. Whether this is an attempt to sound more electronic I don't know, but it pales in comparison to the great harmonic melodies that the band is clearly able to perform.

The final song, "Solitaria Pieza", demonstrates another element the band seems quite keen on, as it moves into a slower, more relaxed tempo near the middle of the song with a female vocalist performing something of a duet with a male screaming. The juxtaposition works well, and the slow tempo is used earlier in the midsection of "Psyclocibiniza" as well as the slow, heavier "Corrosivo", which incidentally contains one of the tastiest riffs of the album.

While I can't comment on the artistic ideals or lyrical intelligence of the album, I can confirm that it delivers on the musical side with no shortage of all-important guitar solos and some very nice keyboard work, which occasionally brings to mind the work of DREAM THEATER and other Progressive Metal bands. Good effort overall, ZAICH.

3 Star Rating

1. Ecce Homo
2. El Antidoto
3. Corrosivo
4. Dance Elf, Dance
5. Psyclocibiniza
6. Esplendor Electrico
7. Flashback
8. Solitaria Pieza
Nicolas Moroni - Keyboard, Vocals
Nanci Bochatay - Bass, Backing Vocals
Record Label: Independent


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