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Zaktorev - Silk Spiders Underwater

Silk Spiders Underwater
by Isha Shah at 05 June 2015, 1:08 PM

“Runaway Soul” starts the record off with high hopes. Sounding like they’re about to drop the sickest beatdown punch but waiting far to long to do so, the band loose the attention and sink into an trance. The disappointment which surrounds this track is just too much, there was potential for this track to work however it doesn’t reach its target.

“Bleeding Island” delivers a heavy impacting intro where the vocals are hardly heard from the racketing noise. The track shows off the bands melodic presence as it’s filled with post-dynamic structures. Something you would consider to be out-dated and niched down in this year audiences, however ZATOKREV manage to reclaim the treasured sounds.

There seems to be more filler tracks within the record than actual bangers. The album lacks stand out tracks that have an immediate impact and hit you right in the face. Each song opens with a dreary intro, where focus is easily lost within seconds.

Choosing to constantly produce melodic infused tracks that don’t give any sort of punch is hard and usually doesn’t work.
“Brick In The Sky” works alone, however when compared to the six other songs that sound exactly the same, they all merge into one.

The latter end of the record seems to fit together more comfortably with grungy tones that explode in a little guitar solo found in, “Discoloration”. This track may be melodic based, however it ahs the diversity and edge to lift up the whole record and make it sound appealing. “They Stay In Mirrors” is the last track that once again follows the same pattern throughout. Vocally there is a strong change as it takes a stamping affect, but this short twist isn’t enough for the record to live on.

ZATOKREV definitely have some hidden talent, however by placing samie structured songs together in one record, it doesn’t show this.

3 Star Rating

1. Runaway Soul
2. Bleeding Island
3. The Phantom
4. Loom
5. Brick In The Sky
6. Discoloration
7. Swallow The Teeth
8. They Stay In Mirrors
Frédéric Hug - Drums
Lucas Löw - Bass / Backing Vocals
Tobi Glanzmann - Guitar
Frederyk Rotter - Guitar, Vox
Record Label: Candlelight Records


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