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Zapruder – Fall in Line Award winner

Fall in Line
by Marcos “Big Daddy” Garcia at 10 December 2014, 3:23 PM

France is really becoming a great country for Metal day by day. It’s incredible how after the 90’s, many god names arise from those lands, that unfortunately, remains on the depths of underground, never becoming great to reach other countries. And how it’s good to know a band as ZAPRUDER, from Poitiers, doing on “Fall in Line” (their album) a very, very good work.

We can assure that their style is very strange and personalized, for it mixes something from more extreme Metal influences with a melodic and introspective approach. Their cauldron is boiling with very good harsh vocals, insane and well worked guitar riffs, heavy and technical rhythmic basis, having some inserts of saxophone and clarinet in the middle of their melancholic brutality. And there are very good rhythmic changes, and maybe we could barely compare their musical work with a more aggressive and harsh GOJIRA. But please, dear nephews and nieces: don’t look for another French band’s work in this album, for you’ll not find it.

The sound quality is very good, giving both aggressiveness and clearness to their music, for ZAPRUDER works in a harsher and rawer way. The choice for this sonority was done wisely, in a way that we can also hear all musical instruments without great problems. Maybe a better quality could fit, but it’s good as it is now.

We can fell that their musical personality is still maturing, and that they still have a long way to go, but some tracks really show that we can expect great things from this quintet in a near future. Songs as the excellent and abrasive “We are Orphans”, the technical and explosive “Cyclops” (great rhythmic changes on this song, along with very good guitar work, both in solos as in riffs), the bitter chaos on “Moloch” (another on with very good guitar work, with some more introspective moments in the vein of PINK FLOYD), the modern and well worked “Monkey on my Back” (the vocals reach extreme high pitches here), the beautiful “Loquèle” (an introspective and soft song, almost acoustic, giving a folk taste to their work), and the long and full of musical changes “Je Ferai De Ma Peau Une Terre Où Creuser”.

They’re extremely good, but Ol’ Big Daddy here could fell that my French nephews can do way better than that, so by the score, you’ll know how I truly believe in their music. When they mature at their full potential, the French will be one great giant!

4 Star Rating

1. We are Orphans
2. Cyclops
3. Modern idiot
4. Moloch
5. Delusion Junction
6. Doppelgänger
7. Monkey on my Back
8. Loquèle
9. Je Ferai De Ma Peau Une Terre Où Creuser
Isaac Ruder – Vocals
Quentin Cacault – Guitars, Clean Vocals
Etienne Arrivé – Guitars, backing vocals
François Arrivé – Bass, backing vocals
Romain Fiakaifonou – Drums
Record Label: Apathia Records


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