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Zatyr – Ornaments Of Proposition Award winner

Ornaments Of Proposition
by Rachel Montgomery at 16 May 2020, 1:30 PM

ZATYR is an enigmatic band from Sweden releasing their first EP. An underground metal band, they formed in 2019, releasing their first EP, “Ornament Of Proposition” featuring three songs. On vinyl, they’re re-releasing it with another bonus song “Heart And Vision”. It’s out for pre-order now and features four new songs, plus a special edition which will come with an exclusive pack and merch. As is, for traditional metal fans, fans of contemporary straight-up metal without bells and whistles, this is a band to watch.

The songs on the EP are standard metal songs with clear production. Musically, they’re an eclectic mix of hard rock, power metal, and more contemporary mainstream metal acts like AVENGED SEVENFOLD. Everything is clean; the guitars, drums, and vocals are all where they’re supposed to be, and you can hear each part distinctly. The vocals are gravelly and flavored but have a good timbre and carry the melody well. In the opening song, “Fire Prophecy,” the melody is intense and carried well by audible melodic harmonies. The guitar solo is biting and showcases musicianship well. They kick up the intensity with faster riffs and crashing drums in the next track, “Forbidden Rites”. While the intro was clear, the vocals echo and seem to be pushed back for effect. I’m not sure how well this works; the effect seems to water the high-octane song down. However, the instrumentals keep the song moving, fast, and fist-pumping. The squeals in the guitar solo are a nice touch and keep the song strong. Next, they have a more traditional-sounding song with a buildup riff at the beginning.

Heart And Vision” then builds up into a similar song to the first track, albeit with a steadier beat. While the instrumentals are clear, I wish they would have brought the vocals further forward or let them echo like in the last track. The vocals here seem to be in a weird middle position that distracts from the rest of the song. The echoing in the instrumental break, though, was a good lead-up to the screaming vocals and screeching guitar solo, easily my favorite parts of the song. Finally, “I Hear Her Calling” is a galloping melody which distinguishes itself from the rest. It also makes more use of gravel-growling than the other tracks, incorporating it into a duet-style harmony.

Overall, the songs do not disappoint. They’re a riveting taste of what the band has to offer, including talented musicianship and clear production. On their future albums, I would love to see what the band can do with longer songs, ballads, slow songs, and even some concept work like themed intros, outros, and interludes. If you enjoy a simpler sound but with excellent quality, this is an excellent band to listen to.

Songwriting: 9
Production: 10
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Fire Prophecy
2. Forbidden Rites
3. Heart and Vision
4. I Hear Her Calling
Set – Vocals
Van Wohlen – Guitar
Hermes Von Hasselhuhn – Bass
Zlim Knoxx – Drums
Record Label: Dying Victims Productions


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