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Zelorage - So You’re A Mess

So You’re A Mess
by Lauryn Plummer at 02 November 2014, 4:13 PM

First of all this is from a band called ZELORAGE it’s a strange name, different but I like it. For only three guys, I must say that “So You’re a Mess” is a really interesting album. You get songs like “Socialite”, “Home”, “Circles” and “Township Error”, where all these tracks start a lot quieter than the others. I mean it’d expected for a song like “Socialite” to have a quiet start, it makes sense because it’s the first track, you want a quiet start right? Well there are other tracks too, I think this way it keeps the album interesting, you know their listeners on their toes. It makes sense. Then you get songs like “Violet”, “Dirty Curls” ,”Hoodrat” , “Never Breathe” and “Ripcord” , now these songs are completely different, they’re like right in your face kind of songs. As soon as you hear it it’s like BAM we’re here. And the fact that it’s only three guys that are making this kind of music, it’s definitely something you wouldn’t believe at all.

Now when you look into these songs in depth, you can see the talent guys have. Especially with the range of vocals that Sam Brand has I mean there are clean vocals and unclean vocals, melodic riffs and drum beats that combine to make a seriously good album. I found out that one of the bands influences are KORN when listening to a certain track “Never Breathe” you can definitely hear that. The track itself is a straight in track, as described before, I think it’s the vocals that make the song sound like the Nu Metal band from the 90’s, when you hear it, you’ll know what I’m talking about.

Looking at a few songs in more depth, you can see these guys have talent. Take “Hoodrat” for example, it’s an in your face song, like as soon as it starts you hear an instrument whether it’s the drums alone, guitar, bass or all three. In this case it’s all three, you have vocals, drums guitar and bass. It’s a melodic track but it still has its heavy elements so I guess it’s more of a heavy melodic track, which is good because you want something different on their album, and not the same thing because it gets repetitive and boring. When you get through the song you can hear the Alternative parts to Metal, this track is an upbeat kind of track, the one that makes you want to headbang to. There was a certain song on the album that caught my eye, titled “Cavity” weird name right? I know. My first initial thoughts were if it was a dental thing? I mean the songs called “Cavity” so obviously you’d think it’s to do with some dental related issues. Thinking about it a lot more “Cavity” in dentistry is a problem. So maybe that’s the hidden meaning. It’s a really slow start to the song until the rums kick in and make it a lot more interesting, like give it that Alternative Metal feel.

Finally closing the album we have the last two songs they are both are different to each other, let me explain. There’s “Ripcord” which is another in your face track, it’s a lot like the other tracks, till you reach near the end and it all goes silent, so you’d think that the song is over, but it’s not, then you hear some kind of Hawaii kind of melody that finishes the track. “Rest Your Head ( I Love You…” it starts of like all the others do, you know just right in with guitar before the drum the kick in and then the vocals afterwards, and then it gets slower to the end of the track, which is expected because it’s the last song. But then it returns to the previous pace of it being a faster track then it was, before it fades out to end the album. I think that it’s a really good album, considering it’s been put together by three guys it’s definitely surprising, you see that there really is talent in the music industry.

4 Star Rating

1. Socialite
2. Violet
3. Dirty Curls
4. Home
5. Cavity
6. Hoodrat
7. Never Breathe
8. Circles
9. She
10. When the Rain Comes
11. Nothing Left Inside
12. 7989
13. Township Error
14. Ripcord
15. Rest Your Head (I Love you…..
Sam Brand – Vocals/Guitar
Rowan Brand – Bass
Mark Polst - Drums
Record Label: Inverse Records


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