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Zentaura - Made With Blood

Made With Blood
by Marcos "Big Daddy" Garcia at 12 February 2016, 12:24 PM

And here we go again…

When we deal with Industrial Rock or Metal, we must take great care. Yes, a great attention is needed, because we can't understand a band's work without it. A label cannot speak for the band's musical efforts. If it wasn't the case, why listening to any new bands?

That's the reason we must have an open mind to see and understand works from bands as the Spanish trio ZENTAURA, from Madrid, the is releasing their new work, the album "Made With Blood".

It's an Industrial Metal band with a Gothic Rock insight, following the same musical style that MOONSPELL did on "Sin/Pecado" and "The Butterfly Effect", where their Industrial/Electronic musical features found a perfect fusion with Gothic elements. And the result is charming music, tender and melodic, but having some very heavy moments and even harsh and aggressive vocals. If you're a fan of Industrial bands as RAMMSTEIN or OOMPH!, and even MOONSPELL on the albums I told above, you'll love their songs.

The album's sound quality is good enough for us to hear and understand what they are playing, but having the due amount of weight in their heavier and aggressive moments. Of course it could be done in a better way. In the atmospheric and tender moments, all go well, but in heavier parts, some tunes on guitars and drums could be way better.

I truly recommend you to listen to songs as "My Vampire Eyes" (that has a balance between heavy moments with Gothic Rock and Electronic effects, presenting good vocals), the introspective and tender "The Poker" (with good interventions from keyboards), the melodic and deeper "My Goddess", the heavy and abrasive "Fuck You" (very good moments from the chords, indeed, and the impact of some good Industrial elements is presented here), and the excellent "That's A Rain". And the other versions for "My Vampire Eyes", "My Goddess" and "That's A Rain" are really very well-made.

"Made With Blood" really is a very good surprise.

4 Star Rating

2. My Vampire Eyes
3. The Poker
4. Made With Blood
5. My Goddess
6. Insomniac Night
7. Fuck You
8. Toxic Peolple
9. That's A Rain
10. My Vampire Eyes (Instrumental Version)
11. My Goddess (Ambient Version)
12. That's A Rain (DJ Lotus V Remix)
Javi Calígula - Vocals
Zeth - Guitars
Ghoul - Bass
Record Label: Art Gates Records


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