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Zephaniah - Stories From The Book Of Metal (Reissue)

Stories From The Book Of Metal (Reissue)
by Joe Paciolla at 31 May 2014, 1:40 AM

US Traditional Metal band, ZEPHANIAH, originally issued this CD back in 2008 and then apparently broke up until recently. Along with apparently releasing a new CD this year (and playing some live shows in the near future), they also reissued their debut.
Due to the resurgence of “Old School” metal, I’ve heard a lot of music in this style over the past several years. These guys are very talented at their craft and this disc was a very good debut.

The thing holding me back from giving a good CD a higher rating is the vocals.  Logan Detwiler is by no means a bad singer, but to my (sometimes jaded) ears, the rest of the band is musically more advanced and I almost hear a minor lack of confidence in his performance, but am willing to bet that with 6 years passing, their new disc will be much stronger vocally. The lyrics are a bit cheesy at times (sort of par for the course in this style of music), but I still enjoyed some of this disc in the spins I gave it – My favorites being “Blackbeard’s Revenge” and “The Lone Warrior”. Some really great lead guitar playing is on offer here and I hear bits of more modern day Power Metal such as DRAGONFORCE being an influence as well as older bands such as HAMMERFALL and RIOT.

I look forward to hearing the new disc when it comes out and am sure these guys will slay the crowds at the upcoming Warriors Of Metal Festival later this month.


3 Star Rating

1. The Metal Prayer
2. Antietam
3. Avenger Of Souls
4. Deep Breath
5. Sword Of The King
6. Fight For Love
7. Blackbeard’s Revenge
8. The Lone Warrior
9. Flame Of The Dragon
Logan Detwiler – Lead Vocals
Justin Zych - Guitars
Tyson Miller – Guitars
Tyler Sumwait - Bass
Ian Bender – Drums
Record Label: Independent


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