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Zephyr – An Odyssey for the Living

An Odyssey for the Living
by Dave “That Metal Guy” Campbell at 21 October 2015, 11:50 AM

ZEPHYR is a London based Progressive Metalcore band who present their debut EP here that contains five tracks.

This is a relatively new sub-genre in Metal music and I like the sound, so I have been seeking out bands that play this style. ZEPHYR’s opening song is entitled “Familiar Spirit.” The Metalcore elements stand out immediately from the vocals and deep rhythmic accents. No clean vocals here, but rather paired vocals fry in the chorus. The instrumentation is kept to a minimum for the most part, setting an ambient tone. There is just enough melody, mostly from the dancing lead guitar parts and background keys to keep it loose and broad. “Little Lamplight” follows a similar pattern, with xylophone and electronic providing the opening sequence into the main part of the track. The subtle progressive elements lend a little more complexity to the overall sound, along with the unique time structures that start and stop throughout. Once again it’s the lead guitar parts and keys that provide the melody, and it’s really a unique and intriguing way of approaching song composition.

As I approach the third track, “Cloud Spires,” my initial thoughts of the band having some THE AMITY AFFLICTION type of sound/influence are strengthened, and there are some varied clean vocals in the chorus. I love what the keyboards bring to this piece as well. The rhythm continues to be strong and really holds together the heavy, more bottom end of the song. “Gemini” is really driven forth but the drumming patterns that open the song. I find that they keyboard parts here almost sound like charms in the gentle breeze. There is something almost magical here that you have to listen to a few times to pick up on. What it essentially boils down to is trying to solve the mystery of how they can be so calm and musical at the same time as they are hectic and heavy. The combination is utterly sublime. Closing the EP is “Black Luster.” This one is a little more straightforward but still with that push and pull between melody and brutality that keeps it so fresh sounding. Beautifully powerful, totally memorable and lingering on your senses, it is the perfect closing track.

I find this EP to be outstanding. They are crafty songwriters, creative performers and have such a unique sense of style and depth. In an ocean of Metal bands out there in this Metalcore sound, ZEPHYR have set a clear mark of transcendence with their debut EP. This is the future soundtrack of this style.

4 Star Rating

1. Familiar Spirit
2. Little Lamplight
3. Cloud Spires
4. Gemini (Ft. Julian Rodriguez of Elitist)
5. Black Luster
Cameron Alexander Thomson – Vocals
Jacob Gudge – Guitar
Atilla Tashi – Bass
Gideon Waxman – Drums
Record Label: Independent


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