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Zephyra - Mental Absolution

Mental Absolution
by Marcos "Big Daddy" Garcia at 18 August 2014, 3:36 PM

And a new fine Melodic Death Metal band with female vocals and Metalcore elements comes from Sweden: ZEPHYRA, from the city of Borås, comes with their first full album, after a Demo and two EPs, called “Mental Absolution”.

Besides this fusion is not something really new to our ears (in truth, we are extremely used to this), the quartet shows a fine work on their debut, being somewhat different many bands because the use of calm and tender female vocals amongst the harsh and guttural screams and grunts is different, and in the case, Åsa Netterbrant’s voice is extremely good and sounds great to us. And imagine these vocals lain on a bed of very good melodic and harsh guitar riffs, and a very technical and heavy rhythmic kitchen. If you can, be welcome! And no, it’s not an ARCH ENEMY clone, nieces and nephews.

A careful sound production is clear for us, because all instruments are clear and flowing in their due way, in a way that clean guitars appears a lot when used (in songs that can seem ballads), not in a chaotic and entangled sound.

And they have a very good set of songs, some more aggressive, other ones are more climatic and introspective, and all they are fine, with very good arrangements, some participation of keyboards.

Better moments: the aggressive and harsh “Imprisoned Queen” (great vocals, showing the duality between clean and harsh voices, along with a fine drumming), the dynamic and more melodic “Forced Family” (where the guitars show a lot their power along with bass guitar), the strong and hooking “Lies And Deceit” (the guitars are pure IRON MAIDEN), the more up tempo and charming “Schizophrenic Sanity”, and the introspective and beautiful “Atychiphobia” (with a more depressive feeling, a perfect marriage between clean and harsh moments, with clean voices and guitars, along a guest participation of keyboards), and the powerful “Release My Anger”.

Very, very good, so hear it out loud, and put your neighbors to complain!

4 Star Rating

1. Imprisoned Queen
2. Forced Family
3. Not Without My Scars
4. Lies And Deceit
5. Emotional Surgery
6. Kiss The Abyss
7. Schizophrenic Sanity
8. Atychiphobia
9. Mandatory Meltdown
10. Release My Anger
11. In My Veins
Åsa Netterbrant – Vocals
Tony Netterbrant – Guitars
Jonas Thörnqvist – Bass
Kujtim Gashi – Drums
Record Label: WormHoleDeath Records


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