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Zero Theorem - The Killing Award winner

Zero Theorem
The Killing
by Jojo Hamilton at 18 January 2020, 1:13 PM

ZERO THEOREM are a 4 piece band from Los Angeles, USA. They brought their debut EP “Ataraxis” in 2018 and now we have the newest material to add “The Killing.” Here we have 5 heavy tracks to tune into. ZERO THEOREM blends hard rock and metal with a dark science fiction aesthetic. “The Killing” is part one of a 2 part release. To sum up part 1 of the 2 part release, singer Caesar is quoted as saying "The main theme of "The Killing" is the aversion to falsehoods of false facts. For us, music is a place to think, but also to relax. The album as a whole represents the reflection of difficulties that require pain and loss, but result in the birth of a better self." It’s overall quite a heavy & thought provoking piece of work. Definitely music to play loud and think about the message it conveys. The band have been associated with having a similar style and sound to such bands as DISTURBED, IN THIS MOMENT & PAPA ROACH, so fans of these bands may take a listen to ZERO THEOREM and find they have a new band they like the sound of. They are a relatively heavy band with a heavy sound and feel to them. The band are with Shim Sham LLC Records.

So to sum up the songs we have “Cannonball” which opens with heavy riffs on the guitars and the roll of the drums. The vocals are top notch and make this song a pleasure to listen to. I particularly enjoy the growl Caesar sings with. The vocals do indeed remind me of DISTURBED and I can see myself becoming a fan of ZERO THEOREM. Song number 2 “You” is another fine song. It is 3 minutes 27 seconds of Heavy Metal fineness. The chorus is catchy and the song is one which would be easy to learn to sing along to be at home or a gig. Song number 3 “The Killing” is a good track, it has some fine instrumental work throughout and really quite a fast pace, not to forget the fine ass vocal screams in the song! Song number 4 is called “Threat.” It’s a melodic track with heavy riffs and vocals which are just as heavy! There is a high quality difference between the singing and the growling which balance each other very well. Combined they give that Nu Metal feel to the song. Closing the 1st part of the 2 piece is a song called “Something Different.” A song about self reflection which is of a decent tempo not too fast nor slow. Just the right speed to start a mosh pit at a gig or festival.

Overall it’s a really good effort by the band with nothing bad to say about it. It will be with baited breath and anticipation that we await the 2nd instalment that is yet to come. The band have far places to go in their future & with a great sound and style to them, they have gained a new fan in me! This piece of music has been a pleasure to review and will be a firm favourite to play on my stereo time and again. With a sound that varies from Heavy – Nu Metal ZERO THEOREM are a treat to the ears. If you are a fan of DISTURBED or PAPA ROACH then I would recommend giving these guys a listen.

Songwriting 8
Musicianship 9
Memorability 9
Production 9

4 Star Rating

1. Cannonball
2. You
3. The Killing
4. Threat
5. Something Different
Caesar - Vocals
Jake Hayden - Drums
Eloy Palacios - Bass
Roy Lev-Ari - Guitar 
Record Label: SAOL Music


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