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Zero Tolerance - Abismal

Zero Tolerance
by Matan "Shuoter" Yaniv at 10 September 2014, 11:12 PM

ZERO TOLERANCE is a Death Metal band that coming from Quillota, Chile. The band formed in 2010 and since then they started to work independently. From what we can hear, they are not doing a normal Death Metal, they are also combining the genre with some elements that coming from the modern style of Thrash Metal. 4 years after they formed, they released their debut album that named after the tenth song in the album, Abismal.

The album opens with a very long and very exhausting the listener. "Cataclismo" is a song that I thinking that not coming anywhere and in all of the song's 5 minutes, he stays the same as he was in his first 2 minutes. "Falso Creador" opened up with Pablo Torres's 6 seconds scream and continues to the song that I most liked in the album. Why is it? Simply, because it's much more mature and just simply a good song that I can enjoy to listen to him.

 The band's song (Which is also the fourth track in album) starts when he's not so different from the first track and remains the same. Later, the song is changing and starts to become something better, but just not good enough. Agonía is a huge improvement, Jorge Zavala creating strong guitar parts, alongside Pablo Lopez that makes ingenious rhythm that irresistible.

"Ahogando el Tormento" is sophisticated but messy and confusing, it feels like the band are forcing the song to become much smarter but it not going so good. Like band read my mind, comes "Colisión". The song is much better as song and he much less sophisticated, more a good Death Metal song and I think that they needed to finally do something different in the album.

"Morfina Inmaterial" is the most dramatic song in the album, and definitely the album's 'flagship' song. We can actually feel, according to the song's performance, that the band is more connected to this song than the other songs, and its definitely makes him the highlight of the album.

"Esclavos Del Poder" isn’t making anything better, the same mistake that the band did in the previews songs are all in here. But just in the end, in the album's title song, the band showed what they wanted to do in the entire album. This song is like all the other songs and combining all of their elements but just doing everything much better. Fast rhythm that reminds Thrash Metal, strong growls, fast guitar's solos and a smart combining of old-school Death Metal and modern Thrash Metal.

The band has very intelligent musicians that can play and scream some very rough parts, you cannot argue with that they know how to hold a guitar, maybe even more than a lot of good bands. But we can see that something in the band is very unripe right now. Even in the production there's something unripe in the album, especially in the album's songs. The band got the talent to do a great album but for now it's definitely not this album.

2 Star Rating

  1. Intro
  2. Cataclismo
  3. Falso Creador
  4. Zero Tolerancia
  5. Agonía
  6. Ahogando el Tormento
  7. Colisión
  8. Morfina Inmaterial
  9. Esclavos Del Poder
  10. Abismal
Jorge Zavala - Guitars
Pablo Torres - Vocals
Diego Jorquera- Bass Guitar
Pablo Lopez– Drums
Record Label: Independent


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