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Zoax - Everybody is Listening Award winner

Everybody is Listening
by Megan McMillan at 26 February 2015, 11:19 PM

"Is Everybody Listening" is the second EP from the exciting London based quintet, ZOAX. Their first EP, "XIII" showed the band as confident musicians but their latest effort really has shown their talent has improved. ZOAX have always been solid when it comes to song structures and this element of song writing continues to shine through strong. But what makes Is Everybody Listening a better release is that the band have refined their style which gives the band their unique identity.

Their style is a fusion of sounds from alternative and the Post hard core sub genres, though alternative is evidently at the core of their music while the post hardcore elements add thrilling heavy progression. The groovy drum beats, melodic guitars and deep synthesisers add a dreary mood to their music, giving their songs a dream like quality.

Each of the six tracks on the EP are filed with raw emotion. Adam Carroll's distinct vocals play a massive part in producing that emotion. His vocal range is so diverse, he can go from signing soft harmonic lyrics, to spouting out angst ridden vocals. Whatever he's doing with his voice it's powerful. The way the instruments change into soft verses to explosively heavy sections enhance his vocals and give the songs more significant impact

Post hard core style guitar beckons throughout the songs giving them an edgier tone than they otherwise would have. The sharp riffs and heavy power chords are often belted out in hectic patterns that have such a fast rhythm the ferociousness of them is reminiscent of punk. Songs like "Lonely Souls" have this kind of music style ingrained in their system with that raw anger coming from Carroll and still having beautiful, moody instrumental sections. Whereas "Zero Point Seven" has that cool, bar room vibe alternative music has. The song also blossoms with loud, electrifying guitar riffs that add colour to the music. "Innocent" sees the album end on a shady tone, with soft, distorted guitars and the deep bass that echoes alongside the flourishes of intimate guitar.

Ultimately, ZOAX’S latest EP is one of the most well written from any new band in a long time. From using several elements from different sub cultures the band have managed to define their style in their second effort which a lot of new bands don't manage to achieve that quickly. It's evident from the excellent musicianship that the band members are confident with their playing style and it gives the songs better quality and a bigger energy. That energy lasts throughout the songs.

4 Star Rating

1. ?
2. Lonely Souls
3. Click
4. Zero Point Seven
5. Right Words
6. Innocent Eyes
Adam Carroll
Douglas Wotherspoon
Morgan Sinclair
Joe Copcutt
Jonathan Rogers
Record Label: Century Media Records


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