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Zolle - Macello

by Dani Bandolier at 30 April 2020, 8:45 AM

Subsound Records recording duo ZOLLE (2012) from Bruzzelle, Italy have released ‘MACELLO’ their 4th record of rock. “Only those who know the ease of a cow while defecating can understand the genesis of the songs of ZOLLE” … their own Fellini wordsmithery, not mine. Well, I never was much of a GENESIS fan … but this is some righteous shit, mates. First track ‘S’offre’ does the hurdy gurdy grind and gets to me right in the SKINNY PUPPY and ISIS bone, like both bands met at the circus and went out for Peroni’s after the show then fused together, all Frankenstein-like. Who knew these bones could even be connected? I have no idea in what language these cats are singing their distorted vocals. The whole pizza pie of ZOLLE music treats the words as an additional topping sorta like anchovies where a little goes a long way. ‘D’io’ is a happy tune with Ste laying into his marching band major back-beat, a-rocking and a-rolling the american football game high-on-life halftime performance. The tune has that FLEETWOOD MAC ‘Tusk’ musical vibe, all high-stepping verve bundled with provocative guitar as brass phrasing. Fun stuff.

‘M’io’ shows us Marcio playing the mad professor with the guitar synth pedal and connecting waveforms with slow-downer back-sliding arpeggios. He shows some excellent horn-like melody which is a good thing – there ain’t but nary a word on most of these songs and his unusual and wonderful guitar lines keep the music moving and alluring. ‘M’accetta’ develops out of the previous ditty and spits out a robot voice tag of “fi .. fy ..  fo” … fo sho ¡! ‘L’ama’ is cool and I don’t know why but this aria and the last song ‘L’aura’ are my favorite pieces, especially the runaway wah pedal hop and 80’s pop guitar plopping away at the bullseye on ‘L’aura’. Listen for the epic, uplifting and completely perfect ending on ‘L’aura’ and when you get there, tell me if you don’t feel your heart wheels moving.
I gotta give a shout out to the awesome anime theme artwork on the release cover by Berlikete and Eeviac. You don’t see this blithe touch anime ala GORILLAZ complemented with imagination and skill much these days, especially in the Doom marketed genre where everything evokes a super downer bone marrow tap vibe.

With not many instrument tracks to play with here on ‘MACELLO’ the drums and guitar can tend to flog each other over the down beat all 27 minutes running time of this release, and they surely do. I wish this mix threw a deeper soundstage image with real layers, more interstellar space between my ears and orbs. The guitar effects and tones are brilliant with Marcio going into his own lyrical COLOUR HAZE guitar territory and showing off his best buddy the Digitech Whammy pedal. ZOLLE state on their Bandcamp page that there are minimal overdubs recorded on ‘MACELLO’ so maybe they were going for a live and in-yo-face mix. That's what they got, attention grabbing like a travel billboard poking out of a cow pasture in Caselle Landi while we drive by in an Alfa Romeo with the bonnet down, Lambrusco in one hand and a burning spear in the other. That is some Italian scenery, eh? Bravo ZOLLE ¡! Put me on yer guest list and open the Chianti, I will be comin’ ‘round.
Where must we go … we who wander this Wasteland in search of our better selves?  Go to the dani bandolier Spotify playlist of reviewed bands…

stoner-guía luz negra on Spotify

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 8
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. S’offre
2. D’io
3. M’io
4. M’accetta
5. L’ara
6. L’ama
7. L’affetto
8. D’annata
9. L’aura
Ste - Drums, Vocals
Marcio - Guitars, Vocals
Record Label: Subsounds Records


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