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Zombie King - Dead to Life Award winner

Zombie King
Dead to Life
by Neil Cook at 22 April 2020, 8:07 PM

ZOMBIE KING have been around since 2013, are from Robstown, Texas and have had their far share of trials and tribulations in their fairly short existence. Multiple lineup changes, tragic losses of friends and family, and their own personal demons whilst making this music effected them and the writing, but what could have had a very negative effect, has been used to instill their music with positive vibes, of faith, hope, redemption, messages that shine through.  Their sound is a hybrid of traditional and contemporary metal/rock, which creates a unique musical blend.

From the rock troubadour guitar intro of “Life”, which leads into the heavy punch to the face which is “Dead At The Scene”.  This song is an amazingly well constructed modern piece of Metal.  I urge you to listen to the lyrics of this song.  It blind-sides you with its title, but don’t be fooled there is a simple positive message at its heart.  This has to be the center piece of the EP, which is in itself quite a trick, as all 4 songs on this record are fantastic, I think this is one of my songs of the year.  The message is perfect for our current times.

Kings” keeps the standards high.  The feel is old school, we even have some whoa’s in the chorus, and some sublime fret and pedal work from guitarist Eddie Salinas, Metal at its best, fist pumping, chest thumping Metal.

And the quality keeps on coming. We get a dragged “Down Below”.  The jangly guitar run in to the song masks the tunes power, built on a chugging riff and metronomic drum beat and one-two punch of the vocals. The classic and modern balance is none more evident on this one.  The vocals have a distinctly clear and modern tone, over  truly old school feel to the music.

And then along comes “Texas Sky”.  The sentiments of the song have been done a thousand-fold in the past. There really is no place like home.  The delivery is the most contemporary of the songs on offer.  This could be SOUNDGARDEN, or a CHRIS CORNELL solo effort. A truly amazing end to a fantastic collection of fresh modern classics.

The band are tight.  Juan Manuel’s vocals are like honey covered anger, so clear and deep, matched by Eddie Salinas’ guitar, heck the whole band have done a damn fine band.

The production is spot on for the sound, everything is clear and layered in its right place.

I hope this is their first steps to bigger and greater things, because they deserve a wider audience.

My only slight misgivings is the name  I am sure there are reasons for it, and it is a cool name for Thrash, or Death metal band of big-assed vikings, you guys are not that. Love the band, don’t love the name.

Songwriting: 10
Originality: 10
Memorability: 10
Production: 10

5 Star Rating

1. Life
2. Dead At The Scene
3. Kings
4. Down Below
5. Texas Sky
Juan Manuel - Vocals
Eddie Salinas - Guitar
Andrew Garza  - Bass
Cosme Williams - Drums
Record Label: Pavement Music


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