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Zorormr – Corpvs Hermeticvm

Corpvs Hermeticvm
by Vladimir “Abir” Leonov at 27 August 2015, 9:09 AM

The Poles have undoubtedly well established traditions in several Extreme Metal subgenres, ever flourishing while other surrounding European scenes are withstanding stagnation to a certain extent. On the path of his influential fellow citizens of  BEHEMOTH and GRAVELAND, MOLOCH has developed a more distinctive sound throughout five years since the foundation of his one man band ZORORMR in 2010, already releasing his third studio album “Corpvs Hermeticvm” bestowing a suave ambient touch on an orthodox Black Metal structure, loyal to the roots yet rejuvenating them.

The first thing to grab your attention is the particularly cutthroat grimness of ultra deep growls and the discernable lyrics as a pivot, surrounded by a complex lead guitar on a simple core Black foundation developing into a wide range of riffs and sections. The scales keep vacillating parallel to the drum intensity in a steady succession of climaxes and antis arranged basing on an efficient intuitive feeling when to intervene, cut and when to carry on, employing for the task such a savvy linker as guitar solos all along the track. More on, what’s even catchier is the mystical overall tone - something better experienced first-hand – further enhanced by the unpredictable spin offs, and mostly by pretty much the same trance I recollect from the Assyrian MELECHESH’s albums. No wonder both bands share in common an interest into occult! Anyhow – still in a context of comparison – “Corpvs Hermeticum” exhibits more creativity and effort technique-wise, keeps you even more hooked.

Fact is, not a single Black Metal fan is willing to purchase a package of tremolo and ZORORMR proved well aware of this: though here and then sometimes you sense he’s run out of ideas, the echoing growls were meticulously exploited and extended all over the virtual space, inputs on both rhythm and solo axes have been valorized, keyboards brought in a different sound, and tempo was maneuvered à volonté from the flamboyance of  “In The Mouth Of Madness” to the placid instrumental of “The Seventh Sermon To The Dead” which exhibits such a such a liquid transition between any given riff and its subsequent. Beyond question, MOLOCH’s composing capacities are traced back to his ability to imagine in periphery and his thorough exploitation of what he’s actually got in hand.

The dark ambient dimension comes along not in a separate experimental cluster, but rather as a genuine part right up the Metal alley. Exemplified elements from the ilk of the somber fingering on “Nyarlathotep”, it shifts captivatingly to drum cuts taking you by surprise to a legit headbang, under the deft command of the lead guitar. Wherefore, if there is one sole thing to deem as the unquestionable asset of the album, chances are that it’s the drum play. While many Black Metal drummers play lines sounding like a freight train boosted at best by some fillers every now and then, ZORORMR tends to feature a traceable influence by a myriad other genres as in the title track “Corpvs Hermeticvm” yielding riffs that could be labeled “Heavy Metal”, an umbrella term also manifesting through Thrash hints and extensive guitar soloing blasting out of the blue.
Accordingly, the drumming proves out aggressive at healthy proportions. If I could ever translate it into movement, there would have been twists, rushing or brakes, sprint or marathon.

Whether you’re a headbanger or a detail freak, “Corpvs Hermeticvs” makes it possible for you either to blast on rhythmic or to find what to analyze to bits and obsess about. Far from being a typical Black Metal album as pre-pictured in our minds, it boasts a highly present originality factor that I tasted almost each moment (apart from the backfiring tap abuse on “This I Command”) above all the splendid vigor of the solos, even better appreciated by listeners with oriental-tempered ears. Just when I thought it’s about time to let the Black Metal genre take a warrior’s rest after having listened to numerous average releases and palpating a plateau in the genre during the recent years, this album has just come to forcibly pull me back in. Succulent and promising!

4 Star Rating

01. I Am Legend
02. Against All Heresies
03. In The Mouth Of Madness
04. Nyarlathotep
05. Twilight Of The Idols
06. Corpus Hermeticum
07. The Seventh Sermon To The Dead
08. Worship Me…
09. This I Command!
Moloch – Guitar / Bass / Keyboards
Record Label: Via Nocturna


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