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Zygnema – What Makes Us Human Is Obsolete Award winner

What Makes Us Human Is Obsolete
by Aidan MacNaughton at 04 September 2015, 11:17 PM

Straight out of Mumbai, Groove/Thrash metal band ZYGNEMA own an aggressive and energetic sound. I will throw it out there, though I may be blowing my own ignorance trumpet, but I don’t think we come across many metal bands from India. I’ll throw it out there again – I think I associate Indian music with Bollywood, so for anyone not familiar with Indian popular culture or the Indian metal scene, and regardless of what you know or don’t their new release “What Makes Us Human Is Obsolete,” will be a refreshing and brutally stark contrast from the “Jai Ho” vibrations dancing their way out of Mumbai.

Despite the constraints of the Thrash/Groove metal genre the album has a fantastic interplay between the instruments, despite the bass not utilizing its full potential. Sharp, dark, yet beautifully clear riffs climb and finger their way in waves up the guitar fret-boards, and the Randy Blythe vocals (no – no Mumbai accent sorry) top of the sound as aggressive, yet forward and intelligent sounding.

“What Makes Us Human Is Obsolete,” has three ambient tracks (“Embryo,” “Conflict,” and “Misguided,”) that mix things up a bit, thought I can’t  people actually listening to these more than a couple of times – they seems more like thematic fillers. This is fine, but “Misguided,” seems a bit wishy-washy with its spoken word over layered with spoken whispers, with the slightly corny spoken line, “I am what I am and this is what I do.” At point the voice says, “I am stupid.” This feeds in to the theme of the post-modern human as technologically fed, jealous, self absorbed and divisive. Works well with the concept, theme and art work of the album though it is not something one should consider and a “song.”

The song, “What Makes Us Human Is Obsolete,” has loopy, carnival-esque riffs. They can be fantastically complex, with some nice sharp jabs and stabs. The songs “Invidious I” and “Phoenix” have a fantastic inter-play between the guitar and drums. “Reform Rebirth” is beatdown-heavy. ZYGNEMA have played at Wacken Open Air and at Inferno Metal Festival. Distinct sounding, with an overall nihilistic tone heard from the technical riffs and the right note choice, there seems no reason for Thrash-metallers and metal heads of all kind not to enjoy this. Whatever the status and nature of the Indian metal scene in Mumbai, I think this will make a mark.

4 Star Rating

1. Embryo
2. What Makes Us Human Is Obsolete
3. Shell Broken Hell Loose
4. Endangered
5. Conflic
6. Invidious I
7. In-Kog
8. Misguided
9. Reform Rebirth
10. The Phoenix Effect
11. A Design To Choose
Jimmy Bhore – Vocals
Sidharth Kadadi – Guitar
Leon Quadros – Bass
Mayank Sharma – Drums
Record Label: Independent


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