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Inhuman Condition – Rat God

Inhuman Condition
Rat God
by Eric Poulin at 18 June 2021, 6:56 AM

INHUMAN CONDITION is a death/thrash metal band that started in 2020 and hails from Florida, United States. This is their first full-length record entitled “Rat°God” released through Listenable Insanity Records on June 4th, 2021.

“Euphoriphobia” sets the stage with the VADER-like hey, and its old school drum patterns, only for the vocal to go a bit deeper than their Polish counterparts. The breakdown riffs are pure TESTAMENT territory and add a nice layer of groove in between some quicker double-bass parts. AS you would expect the song ends with a blistering solo in the Kerry King vein and the same rapid tempo we were treated with at the start of the song.

“The Neck Step” has quite the resemblance to the almighty OBITUARY with a slow-moving guitar rhythm section that lets you settle in, as the song creeps up on you and follows the thrashier side of things. I would assume the reference to left hand path has some kindship to the legendary ENTOMBED (simply an assumption), which is a nice gesture if that is the case, considering what recently happened to Lars Goran Petrov. The high notes are this solo, even if short, leave quite the mark on the eardrums.

“Killing Pace” goes down a more SLAYER path, with a more traditional straight-ahead thrash riff, which is quite possibly one of the simplest parts on the album, but also one of the catchiest by far (and most memorable). Considering the band has members from the classic gods of death metal MASSACRE, I was not surprised by such a representation of their trademark style in the 1990s. Those guitar solos can shriek higher than your average banshee.

“Gravebound” tends to be more on the TIAMAT side of the spectrum (back when they actually had death metal vocals on the “Clouds” record). The intro really lends to that era, but quickly transcends into DESTRUCTION meets FIRESPAWN, a relentless burst of energy thrown in your face, slowing down to let you headbang in appreciation, only blast away once again.

The rather interesting title track “Rat°God” has a very different HYPOCRISY-styled intro with choir effects and short riffs but is the one song that channels the spirit of Chuck Schuldiner from the amazing “Leprosy” album and should be a fan-favorite from this album.

Lastly, we have a French titled song in “Fait Accompli” (commonly used to describe an action which is completed before those affected by it are in a position to query or reverse it).  The intro on this one has some reverse vocals, guitar frenzies and again strong resemblances to OBITUARY, with some melancholic passages akin to my favorite metal era, doom metal from the 1990s.

The record really has all the makings of becoming an instant classic in the death/thrash genre, as it comprises all the elements that made the genre so popular and timeless, with the slower passages, the 4x4 drumbeats, the double-bass and of course the VADER/SLAYER solos. If you were wondering what the MASSACRE guys were up to lately, this is one of their projects and a very fine one at that, feast on it while you can.

Songwriting:  8
Originality: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Euphoriphobia
2. The Neck Step
3. Planetary Paroxysm
4. Killing Pace
5. Gravebound
6. Tyrantula
7. Rat°God
8. Crown of Mediocrity
9. Fait Accompli
Terry Butler - Bass
Taylor Nordberg - Guitars, Lyrics
Jeramie Kling - Vocals, Drums, Lyrics
Record Label: Black Serpent Records


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