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Baphomet’s Blood - Metal Damnation

Baphomet’s Blood
Metal Damnation
by Harry Papadopoulos at 23 January 2010, 9:01 PM

Imagine this: you have in your hard disk the digital promo from a band. The name is BAPHOMET’S BLOOD. You click to see the cover, the one you see in the upper left corner of this review. One of them wears a VENOM T-shirt, his mate on his right has a bottle o’ whiskey in his hand and another one has a beard that looks like Lemmy’s (what do you mean "who’s Lemmy?"). I think we all get the picture and understand what we should expect.

Not much to say about this gang from Italy. The only thing that I can say are that they are active from 2003 and that "Metal Damnation" is their third album. Their two previous releases, "Satanic Metal Attack" and "Second Strike", already had an impact to Metal fans that enjoy good old Speed/Thrash Metal, even though the first one lacks credit in the production field. But the band is improving from album to album and their latest work, released in December 24th 2009.

As for the music itself? I think that from my prologue you got the whole picture. And in case that you didn’t get it, get ready for pure fucking speedy thrashin’ Metal! Necrovomiterror’s voice has a Lemmy-like color and the music is like MOTORHEAD on speed, in a way. The production is not crystal clear, thank Satan for that, but you can still listen every instrument and have that Rock ’n’ roll felling. We are always saying that we want to listen to some "innovative" music and new things, but not when it comes to pure Heavy Metal. And "Metal Damnation" fortunately doesn’t have any modern stuff. It’s neither innovative nor modern and that’s why me, you, everybody should love it!

There is no reason to talk about which tracks are better. The album is going down as easy as a dozen of beers or some bottles of whiskey. So just gather with some friends that love Metal, grab your favorite drink, turn up the volume and enjoy!

P.S.: The album will be released on 12" vinyl LP format, limited to 1000 copies (250 x silver/blue splatter + 750 x black vinyl) in a gatefold cover (Hell yeah!).

4 Star Rating

  1. Devil’s Night
  2. Metal Damnation
  3. Midnight Patrol
  4. We Don’t Care
  5. Italian Steel
  6. Evilbringer
  7. The Iron Bonehead
  8. Ready For Hell
Necrovomiterror - Vocals, Guitar
Angel Trosomaranus - Guitar
S.V. Goat Necromancer - Bass
R.R. Bastard - Drums
Record Label: High Roller Records


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