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Dr. Living Dead! - ST

Dr. Living Dead!
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 03 July 2011, 11:06 PM

If you feel that you are on the verge of being sick, that last place you would want to go for a treatment is the vicinity of those four doctors of DR. LIVING DEAD!. Who knows what will happen if you will. I am not saying this because they are Swedish or anything; it is since they came to wound and not to cure. However, it is a rather good kind of world of hurt so bear with it. Years ago I listened to what this weird dudes had to propose in their two demos, "Thrash After Death" and "Thrashing The Law". That is how I came to notice these thrashers and their old school image.

Almost like any 80s type of a Metal band, DR. LIVING DEAD! are a sort of a recreation of old school American Thrash Metal along with Hardcore, you can call it Crossover if you want but it is rather a bad word. If you would like some referendum to what these guys are all about you might need a notebook to write this down. Whether it's SLAYER, METALLICA, ANTHRAX, S.O.D., M.O.D., TESTAMENT, OVERKILL and EXODUS amongst many others, these gents are the basis Thrash Metal output for every hungry 80s Metal fan. With tons of simplistic sections of riff based verses shared by speed, aggression at times along with a chucky cheese flavor of humor, DR. LIVING DEAD! has been one of funniest, yet bonded by Metal blood, bands in the new rain of Thrash.

Nevertheless, besides their funny lyrics of 80s stuff followed by themes of music, films and plain stupid evil things, their music didn't actually, and maybe intentionally, came down to make an impact. Therefore, their new LP compilation of tracks, which has been created from their two demos, under a self-titled banner, is a sort of a reassertion of old riffages by the bands mentioned while taking strong notice to that youthful thrashy reflection that once lurked within the giants.

Possibly what I surely missed in the band's energetic line of tracks was the fact that the solos were non-existent. If these guys chose to play Thrash, so where were those wicked crazy solo onslaughts? Even when I heard them for the first time I tried to understand why they haven't thought about those important moments back in the day. For sure, those solo sections could have been the best toppings for the tunes and maybe an upgrade for the less impressive tracks as there were some that were a bit dull. DR. LIVING DEAD! might have inflicted me with a Thrash illness, and to think that I needed one, but I would have wanted to have a full time old school Metal poisoning.

Even so, it didn't mean that I haven't liked or grimaced from some of the tracks that were patched up for this compilation. "Revenge On John" sent me back to the time where I used to re-run that phone call from Simon to John Mclean with the gallons of water. It sure brought over good memories from "Die Hard 3". Way to go Bruce. The track itself was quit heavy and like the others, aggressive and speedy. "You're Not The Law" another fine parody of "Judge Dread" film and some laughs about Stallone. This one was quite catchy, yet, the solos were a miss. With "World War Nine", which was a fine SLAYER like heavy artillery Thrasher with a banal siren opening, I could understand why they gave the track that name. There are too many world wars around us. "Dead End Life" was more of a Hardcore / Thrash song with an amazing 80s reference. The main riff reminded me a late 80s ANTHRAX, with a very nice groove. "Reptiles Beneath" was a surprise as most of the band's material was simple and quite obvious; this was the most constructive one and a nice finish to a fine album.

The German High Roller Records, that already gave us a chance in the past to embrace the classic stuff of the 80s on both LPs and CDs, sent you an old school Thrash regards from Sweden. DR. LIVING DEAD! might not be inventive, and pretty much of a cliché', yet, they had their fun and they still do. 

3 Star Rating

1. World War Nine
2. Slime From Above
3. Revenge On John
4. Streets Of Doc Town
5. Kindergarten Cop
6. Kill Me!
7. Dead End Life
8. My Brain Is For Sale
9. Dr. Living Dead
10. Hard Target
11. Feeding the Cyco
12. You're Not The Law
13. Chucky
14. Gremlins Night
15. UFO Attack
16. Reptiles Beneath
Dr. Ape– Vocals
Dr. Toxic– Guitars
Dr. Rad– Bass
Dr. Dawn- Drums
Record Label: High Roller Records


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