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Procession - Destroyers Of The Faith

Destroyers Of The Faith
by Maria Voutiriadou at 18 November 2010, 1:11 PM

How it would be sounded a traditional doom Metal band from Chile, faithful to the sacred principals of the European CANDLEMASS but with the ‘cojones’ of the American SOLITUDE AETURNUS? I thought so; the gates of the total desolation and low tempo riffage is one ‘click’ away and if you still don’t believe me, visit High Roller Records’ releases page and see what you have to deal with. PROCESSION is a new-comer band in the dark waters of doom Metal and “Destroyers Of The Faith” is the debut full-length album; the fact that don’t come from a traditional ‘doom’ country, seems to be a more tempting case for every loyal doomster to exam more closely. Besides, if you look more carefully to the band’s line-up, you’ll meet the names of Felipe Plaza Kutzbach and Claudio Botarro Neira on guitar and bass correspondingly, also known from CAPILLA ARDIENTE.

After this short introduction, we have to deal with the ‘main dish’: “Destroyers Of The Faith” contains 6 low tempo tracks, full with memorable riffs, a trad-doom leading bass and those characteristic lyrical, raw vocals, able to ‘speak’ inside your soul. The opener “Hyperion” is just a small taste of what’s going to follow next and the baton passes to the self-titled track which has the ‘cojones’ I was talking about in the previous paragraph. “The Road To The Gravegarden” hides very well its TROUBLE-esque character and “Chants Of The Nameless” has all those ingredients a traditional doom Metal track must have, adding the riffage complexity and the successful well-played guitar harmonies.

My favourite ones though are coming on the end of the album, when the heart-rending “Tomb Of Doom” puts our bumped souls in its doom turmoil and the eerie “White Coffin” closes the door with its Eastern vibe, leaving us in peace. The lyricism of this one is blow-minding and here, the words are needless. Thank Chilean God, High Roller Records releases this album in a monolith of pure doom 500 copies: 150 in red/ black blend vinyl and 350 in black vinyl, so you must not lose more time. The ‘Destroyers of the Faith’ have just come and they are ready to make you believe.

4 Star Rating

  1. Hyperion
  2. Destroyers Of The Faith
  3. The Road To The Gravegarden
  4. Chants Of The Nameless
  5. Tomb Of Doom
  6. White Coffin
Felipe Plaza Kutzbach - Guitar, Vocals
Claudio Botarro Neira - Bass
Francisco Aguirre - Drums
Record Label: High Roller Records


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