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NOIZGATE Records: Names finalists of Brutal Vision Vol. 4 contest: Online voting for ten slots on the new sampler starts May 1st, 2021

Added 30 April 2021, 12:13 AM

„Born to loose?! ♠ Live to change!!“ – true to this motto NOIZGATE Records is starting a fourth edition of its in-house sampler series BRUTAL VISION in 2021. A fixed part of the project is the online voting, by which the German label from Bielefeld traditionally allocates ten slots on the compilation to newcomer bands from around the world. Following some delay caused by the ongoing corona situation, the time now has finally come: The 20 finalists are set and the voting will start May 1st, 2021.

As suggested by its title, NOIZGATE Records’ sampler series BRUTAL VISION is about visions – and namely those in terms of music: Which way will the metal sound evolve in the (near) future? What’s going to be “the next big thing”? What’s up?!

Of course, the German label isn’t arrogating omniscience to itself! In fact, the metal scene is asked to speak for itself here. Therefore, NOIZGATE Records traditionally saves ten slots on its double sampler for exciting new discoveries: Until last year’s end, bands from all over the globe were called upon to apply for these much-desired slots with their tracks. “The response was great: We’ve had more than 250 submissions from 14 different countries, covering almost all varieties of metal,” the label’s spokeswoman Annelen Brodner reveals.

After months of delay caused by the ongoing Corona lockdown in Germany, towards the end of March NOIZGATE’s nine-piece expert jury finally got together to select 20 finalists from all submissions. “We’ve really not made things easy for ourselves,” Brodner states. “There were so many fantastic entries amongst the submissions. We’ve picked 20 exciting finalists and are thrilled to see how the scene will judge!”

For traditionally, the metal scene gets to have the last say in which bands will make it to the sampler: The decision is made by the way of an online voting. “We see this voting as the digital version of an audience decision, like at a band contest. This is why it’s so important to us that you can always vote for a total of three bands,” Annelen Brodner explains. The voting will take place from May 1st until May 31st, 10 p.m. at In the end, the top ten bands with the majority of votes will be awarded with a slot on the sampler and introduced in the booklet of the record.

So, who are the finalists then? Ok well, we won’t keep you on tenterhooks any longer! These are the 20 bands who have convinced the NOIZGATE jury and are as of this Saturday hoping for your support in the race for a slot on BRUTAL VISION Volume 4:

- &therisk (Instrumental Mathmetal, Germany)
- Clear Sky Nailstorm (Thrash Metal, Germany)
- Death By Dissonance (Modern Death Metal, Germany)
- Depraved Entity (New Wave of Classic Heavy Metal, Germany)
- Dirtred (Groove Metal, Poland)
- Erasement (Thrashin’ Heavy Metal, Germany)
- Exposed To Noise (Modern Metal, Germany)
- Kafkaesque (Poet’s and Thinker’s Metal, Germany)
- Kings Winter (Melodic Heavy Metal, Germany)
- KLAW (Thrash Metal, Switzerland)
- Leechcraft (Deathcore, Finland)
- Mass Collider (Post Stoner Rock, Germany)
- Nemoreus (Folk Metal, Austria)
- Primal Love Machine (Crunchrockmetal, Germany)
- Psycho Toaster (Heavy Stoner Rock, Austria)
- Restructive (Metalcore, Germany)
- Sly Old Dog (Hardcore, Germany)
- Sudden Decay (Modern Metal, Germany)
- tHOLA (Melodic Speed Metal, Switzerland)
- Tremor (Prog Metal, Germany)

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